AirAware for improved health

Being creative is a part of human nature. And many of us enjoy creative hobbies in our sparetime. Some like to make jewelry, while others enjoy building model planes or ships or creating art from stained glass. Others enjoy metal work, building model railroads or working with computers or other hobbies involving electronics.

AirAware – protects your health
Regardless of the hobby we choose or the materials we work with, sometimes harmful chemical elements can escape into the air that we breathe. AirAware is a small, portable fume extractor that you place near your work area when using electrical tools like soldering irons. Smoke from solder or other potentially harmful fumes are suctioned away from you, leaving you free to work in a healthier environment.

Silently AirAware dissolves the fumes and smoke.

AirAware prize winner
The fume extractor is gaining attention from several directions.  In October 2010, AirAware won a silver medal and was awarded a diploma at the IV International Warsaw Inventions Show 2010 (IWIS) in Poland. Organizers were The Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers.