About AirAware

Many people enjoy hobbies such as building model boats and planes, creating glass art using the Tiffany technique or making jewelry. But anyone who inhales fumes from adhesives and solder takes unnecessary risks with their health. The Swedish glass artist, Eva Anundi, who has developed a fume extractor called AirAware tells us about the process. 

Eva Anundi works from her own studio in Ekerö, Stockholm where she produces glass art and jewelry, and offers courses in stained glass and Tiffany technique. As a glass artist, she spends many hours working with her soldering iron. Over time she began to experience more and more problems with nosebleeds, dizziness and fatigue. Breathing fumes from the soldering is harmful, and eventually she realized that it was her beloved hobby that was contributing to her deteriorating health.For almost ten years she searched for a smoke extractor, suitable for her hobby activities.

”I searched extensively for a good fan, but because there was none on the market, I decided to make one myself,” says Eva Anundi.

She designed a small, handy fume extractor that works like a vacuum and that can be linked directly to the soldering iron.

The result is AirAware, a smooth and easy to use fume extractor that reduces the concentration of the fumes and vapors caused by welding and soldering or working with adhesives.

”It is not enough to wear safety goggles, gloves and an apron. We must also remember to protect our sensitive mucous membranes and lungs,” says Eva Anundi.

You can purchase AirAware at the swedish webshop KonradWs webbbutik. You can also purchase it directly from AirAware.