AirAware – the fume extractor that protects your health

Your hobby can be harmful to your health
When you are working and enjoying your hobby, chances are you spend many happy hours with your tools. It is easy to forget that some of the material you use might be dangerous. Every time you solder, cut, weld, glue, paint, lacquer or use various chemicals, smoke or other fumes are released into the air that you breathe. Some you notice  right away, but others are invisible and have no tell-tale odor.

Do you suffer from headaches, nose bleeds or sneezing and wheezing?
Solder and some types of adhesives produce isocyanates when heated above 150°C. Breathing these substances can cause nose bleeds, nausea or dizziness. Other symptoms included fatigue, headache, skin irritations, nasal congestion and irritated eyes, throat as well as breathing problems. Over time this can also lead to chronic asthma. Your hobby can be harmful to your health, plain and simple.

AirAware cleans the air you breathe
The AirAware’ minimizes concentrations of these fumes caused by soldering or welding that can build up while you work. Place AirAware as close as possible to your work area and watch the toxic fumes whisked away from sight, and more importantly from the air you breathe. Smoke, fumes and gasses are dispersed to other parts of the room and exit through the rooms own ventilation. It is not enough just to wear safety glasses, gloves and protective clothing. You must also think about your other sensitive organs, especially your lungs and mucous membrane!